To remain competitive and develop the company, we strive to maintain good relations with:

  • Customers

    Top quality at competitive prices

    Our fully dedicated sales people, managing orders for personalised items of all types know the customer preferences and are able to offer cost effective solutions to all industries. We process different types of materials and work in all sectors of the economy but we still keep our key principle - to keep the customer satisfied at all costs. Thus we are fully committed to deliver the full range of solutions to any industry, be it labels, cartons, corrugated boxes, plastic and paper packaging or any combination of all these materials to fully satisfy our customer base.

  • Suppliers

    Procurement of Materials and Machines

    As we try to provide complete solutions to companies in all industries, we inevitably need partnerships that can offer us equipment and services for our industry. We visit and participate in international trade fairs for advertising and promotional fields, so we can follow new developments in technology and market trends for our industry, especially for the countries in Northern Europe where the requirements are high, and at the same time cover the local market needs in Bulgaria and the Balkans.

  • Employees

    Working For The Company

    We realise that in order to advance, we need to develop new markets, offer new products and solutions so we can stay ahead of the tough international competition these days and promote our products in new markets. For these purposes we always need good sales people with experience in the field of personalisation and advertising, that can help deliver better value products. Last, we try to provide the most incentives to well prepared and motivated people from the north countries in the EU, that can work from home with direct sales to companies.