Market Orientation and Expertise

About Our Competences

As a mid sized company we try to specialise in personalised gifts and promotional articles in short to mid runs(up to 10 000 pieces), so we are not competitive for the longer runs. For some products such as envelopes and notebooks we are still competitive up to 1 million pieces as the process is more automated, but for the screen printing of ready made products, most of our orders are up to 10 000 pieces with print.

What's more, staying away from the traditional manufacturing-based perspective, lately we try to approach orders from a project-based perspective where we can offer not just a product, but rather a solution instead so we can save money to our customers and solve their problems. You just have to tell us your idea, quantity required and budget so we can figure out a way to offer the best solution. Just ask us!

Target Customer Groups for Personalised Items:

We divide our customers in categories according to their demands and priorities as follows:

- Advertising Agencies

- International Corporations

- Direct Marketing and Mailing Companies

- Printing Houses and Printing Management Providers

- Advertising and PR agencies

- Government Institutions

- Textiles Producers and Marketeers

- Food Producers and Marketeers

- Jewellery shops and luxury brands

- Pharmaceutical Marketing companies

- Chains for office supplies and stationery chains

- Manufacturers of household items and appliances

- Retailers and Supermarkets

As we have specific solutions for these categories of businesses, we can solve any additional questions arising, within our competence - personalised gift articles of all sizes, from min size 10x20 mm up to a max size of 100x110 cm. For additional questions and enquiries, please write us an email at

Sales areas and products where we are most competitive on the market

  • Large Quantities of Printed Pens
  • Notebooks, Paper Stationery and IT Merchandise
  • Plastic Presents, Toys and Magnets
  • Wood and Metal Items with Logo
  • Leather Items and Bags
  • Folders, binders and lever arch files
  • Cardboard Displays for Marketing Purposes
  • Printed Cups and Porcelain Presents
  • Embroidery on Textiles with Logo and text

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